Skin Care

No matter your age or skin type, achieving a smooth even complexion can be a challenge.  Even with a consistent skincare routine, many factors can get in the way.

With our facial procedures and the products we use, we can help you reveal fresh and healthy skin. 


The professional skincare line we use, Shira, is USDA certified organic. 

So whether your skin needs a rejuvenating boost or you have skin issues you want to resolve, you can trust in the ability and skill of our team. 

To receive the best results in what we offer, contact us for your free consultation to find out which services are best for you.​


Chamomile Azulene Treatment 

60 min. $75


This relaxing and soothing facial is designed to treat the imperative needs of normal or dry sensitive skin resulting in hydrated, nourished, supple and substantially less irritated skin. 

Organic Eucalyptus Cherry Treatment  

60 min. $75 


Rich in both vitamins A and C for oily-acne prone skin, this facial assists in relieving tightness and deeply cleanses, disinfecting the skin without drying it out. 

Organic Mango Treatment 


60 min. $75


This facial helps to prevent premature sensitive dry skin due to its antioxidant properties resulting in rejuvenated skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Radiance Corrective Collagen O2 Treatment


75 min. $95


This is the state of the art facial that uniquely utilizes the benefits of both collagen and oxygen to protect and restore the skin’s natural balance while giving it a fresh, smooth, and radiant appearance. 

Shira Gold Treatment 


60 min. $120 


This luminous treatment uses gold, copper, and silver extract providing elastic, healthier, skin. This treatment gives an immediate glow to your skin, restoring its elasticity

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Treatment  (70 MIN.)

This treatment Increases circulation to face, which helps produce collagen and restore healthier, smoother skin.  In addition, the deep exfoliation helps with fine lines, dark spots, and clogged pores. 

  • Single treatment:    $110 

  • Two treatments:      $200

  • Three treatments:   $295

  • Four treatments:     $385

Add our Pure Lift Face Gym procedure to any of these facials:  $45.  This painless procedure eliminates wrinkles, lifts the face, tightens skin, and gives you a natural contour with a more defined bone structure.   It’s a workout for your face! 

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