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Enhance, Refine, and Recontour.

Body Care Servies

Cloud La Med Spa's Team includes a distinct group of professionals with specialized training and body care treatments.  

Our Cavi-Lipo procedure detoxifies the body, reduces cellulite, and tightens and tones the skin.

Our Weight Loss Management service provides weight loss consultation with medical management and dietary guidance to help you reach your weight goals. This service is under the supervision of Dr. Elkhalili.

Beauty and Body Care and Services at Cloud La Med Spa Fair Lawn NJ


Ultrasonic Cavitation

Cavi-lipo helps increase direct access to the deeper fat cells, bringing the cells to a fast-active state from the production of localized heat so that deep fat cells are broken down efficiently. This procedure uses low-energy and high-frequency waves, which are safe and effective in cutting inches off problem areas. 

Weight Loss Management with Dr. Elkhalili

At Cloud La Med Spa, we help you develop a weight loss program that fits your specific needs.

With our comprehensive individualized weight management plan, together, we can reach your optimal goal weight. With lifestyle changes combined with vitamin infusion therapy, B12 injections, and medicine, we can customize the right treatment plan for you. For some patients, an FDA-approved medication may be prescribed to help decrease their appetite, reduce cravings, and increase their metabolism.

Dr. Elkhalili monitors your specific weight loss program to help you achieve your desired results.


Schedule a Weight Management consultation with Dr. Elkhalili to determine the best way for you to reach your healthy, ideal weight.

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